Nomisma's new help centre

Our brand new help centre and community is now live!

We absolutely love our community of Nomisma users and want to bring as many of you together as possible.

Since we can't actually meet, our research has led us to realise a virtual community is just as good as any. So, we're realising our very own help centre, which you can bookmark:

Within the help centre, you'll have access to the following:
  1. Help Centre
    1. Articles and best practice manuals in relation to every module
    2. Product updates, including video content
    3. Tips and tricks to get the most out of Nomisma
  2. Community
    1. You'll be able to network with like-minded individuals
    2. Ask any question you like, one of our team will respond just like they would an email
    3. Request new features or make suggestions for new ideas. The rest of the Nomisma community can contribute and upvote the best ones!
  3. Tickets
    1. You can raise new support requests directly from our portal
    2. All of your historical email chains in relation to past queries are now accessible within one place
We hope you find the portal useful, if you've any suggestions or ideas, do add them within the community; we're really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Ash Hall
Product Owner

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