Our July & August Product Update

Our July & August Product Update

A report to assist with applying the concept of value-based pricing

You'll be able to see turnover, the number of transactions, payslips processed, the number of pensions, P11Ds produced, and the number of subcontractors serviced for any time period across your entire client base. It's exportable to excel, allowing you to perform further analysis or build into a pricing matrix to adjust agreed fees accordingly.

In the next phase of this development, we'll be linking the values from the report directly into our CRM to connect with our value-pricing matrix and quote system. Allowing us to notify you exactly when a client's account exceeds a certain pricing driver threshold, for example, the number of bookkeeping transactions or payslips processed in a single month.

Our CT600 submission page gets a makeover

In addition to the new look and feel, you can also:
  1.  Attach documents to accompany any submission to HMRC
  2. Preview the XML file before filing
  3. Edit the filing credentials from within the submission page itself
  4. In the case of split period submissions, easily switch between each of the filing periods

How to use our 'Reverse Opening Balance Sheet' feature

A common request from advisors using our final accounts module without the bookkeeping module, was a solution to counteract the automatically carried forward balances from a previous accounting period. Using this new feature, the opening balances can be reversed in any period, bringing all balances back to zero. Allowing you to post the trial balance in full, rather than calculating and posting the movement between the current period and the previous period.

How to download payroll notices directly from HMRC and populate them into Nomisma

We've linked Nomisma with the HMRC government gateway. Allowing you to download RTI, student loan, postgraduate loan, P6 and P9 notices directly from HMRC and populate directly into employee profiles. You can do this from an agent level, allowing you to bulk update your entire client base in one go, rather than one at a time.  

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