Importing data from the Tax Questionnaire into the tax return

Importing data from the Tax Questionnaire into the tax return

Once you have received a response for a clients Tax Questionnaire you will then be able to import that data into the tax return that you will be submitting for them. 


  1. Go to the Agent Self-Assessment dashboard, scroll down to the table that shows the current status of all Self-Assessments being done for client and click on the number under the Response Received column. 




  1. Then select the client from the Response Received list which will then take you to the Self-Assessment dashboard for this specific client where you will then need to click on the Import Data From Questionnaire button. 




You will then be able to select any of the types of incomes that has been pulled through from the Tax Questionnaire by ticking the Fill Tax Return box on the right-hand side. If information for certain types of income have already been populated on to the Self-Assessment you will not need to tick the Fill Tax Return box for that particular income. Once you have selected all the incomes you wish to include on the return you will then need to click Save. 





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