How to process receipts on Nomisma

How to process receipts on Nomisma

To process a receipt that has been uploaded to Nomisma, first click on the Pending Receipts button located on the client’s main dashboard and then click on the icon within the Add column that is in line with the receipt in question. 


If you have already created a supplier bill relating to a specific receipt, type in the same date that the receipt was uploaded, the exact amount stated on the receipt and then click the Search button. This will pull through the receipt to the Add Receipt page with a matching Date and type of Supplier. There will be a Download icon which will pull through a preview image for you to compare and match the receipts with. Click the Upload icon to the right to attach this receipt to the existing supplier bill within Nomisma.  


If a supplier bill has not already been created relating to this specific receipt, then click on the Add New Receipt Manually button within the Add Receipt page.  


Enter all of the relevant information relating to the receipt and then click Save which will add this under Expenditure as the Receipt Type that was selected during this process (i.e. Supplier Bill). OCR technology will automatically populate the Description field if the picture taken of the receipt is clear and contains the relevant information for this particular field 



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