How to integrate your GoCardless account to Nomisma

How to integrate your GoCardless account to Nomisma

To integrate a GoCardless account to Nomisma first go to Settings on the left-hand menu of the clients dashboard, go to the Payment section and then click on the Edit button in the top right-hand corner. You will then need to tick the GoCardless tick box where it will then ask you for a Secret Key. 


Then go to the GoCardless website (if you have not signed up for a GoCardless account then sign up as soon as possible), go to Developers on the left-hand menu, click on the Create button in the top right-hand corner and select Access Token.  


Enter a name, select the Read-write access option for the Scope field and then click Create Access Token. This will generate an Access Token which will need to be copied and pasted in the Secret Key field back on Nomisma and then saved. 



To take one-off adhoc payments from clients directly from an email, go to Template within the Settings section of a specific client, select the Invoice Link Email Template and add [PayGoCardless] within the Body section of the template. Once this has been done, click Save and this will create a link within the email that will take the client to GoCardless for payment (if a mandate has not been set up with the specific client, then one will have to be created in order for them to be able to make the payment). 



The GoCardless payment link will be specific to Invoice Link emails. Go to Sales, click on the three dots to the right-hand side of specific invoice and then select Invoice Link. It will then show the Invoice Link Email created within the Template section of Settings and will provide the link to GoCardless for the client to click on. 



If a mandate has not been set up for the client in question, the client can use the link within the email to go through the process of setting one up by entering the relevant details and then clicking on Set Up Direct Debit.  


Once all the details are correct click on the Confirm button to process the Payment. This will reflect the payment in Nomisma with a message stating that the payment has been successful. It will also reflect in GoCardless within the Customers section and then will show in the Payments section when you have selected a specific client. 


There is also the option of mapping customers within Nomisma to existing mandates on GoCardless by first clicking on View in the top right-hand corner of a client’s Sales dashboard and then selecting Customer List from the drop-down options. 


Then select Edit on the right-hand side of the customer this will be done for and within the GoCardless Mandate field select Yes and the correct name (this will be the same as the name that has been set up on GoCardless for this customer). Once the mandate has been enabledthe customer will then be able to pay through Nomisma via GoCardless. If a customer that has a mandate set up with GoCardless has not yet been set up as customer on Nomisma yet, you can use this same process so that mandate is enabled when setting them up as customer. 


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