How to create and process repeat invoice

How to create and process repeat invoice

To create a repeat invoice, go to Sales on the left-hand menu of the client’s dashboard, click on the New + button in the top right-hand corner and select New Repeat Invoice. 


Enter relevant information such as the Start and End Dates, Income Type and also include tags in the description to match the dates inputted for the repeat invoice. 


Click the More button to enter other information such as Bank, Payment Terms, frequency and also select which invoice template to use for the repeat invoice. There will also be options to automatically create (Auto Process) and automatically email out the repeat invoice (Auto Email) to the chosen customer, as well an option to exclude any VAT that is included on the invoice. 


You will then be able to view all repeat invoices created by going to the New + button within the Sales dashboardselect Repeat Invoice and either Edit, Delete or add a new repeat invoice. 


To manually process a repeat invoice first got to the Sales dashboard, click on the View drop-down button and then select Repeat Invoice. 


Then click on the Process Invoice button at the top of the Repeat Invoice page where a pop-up page will appear with the options of which repeat invoices to process. Tick the relevant repeat invoice which is to be processed, either enter a specific date on which to raise the invoices or choose to raise them on the Next Run Date and then click the Process button. The repeat invoices will then reflect within the Sales dashboard. 


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