Filing CIS suffered to HMRC

Filing CIS suffered to HMRC

Linking CIS deductions to Payroll: 

1. Go to the Payroll dashboard, click on the Edit Company button ad then go to the Company Details section under Payroll Details and then select Yes for the Registered for CIS field.  

2. Select either Link (link to an existing contractor and you will be given the option of what client to link this to) or Create (create a new contractor to link it to) within the pop up, choose the correct contractor or create a new contractor and then click Save.  

The CIS deductions will be added to the P32 report and will add this amount under Amount Due to HMRC within Tax Payment. A CIS Tax column will be created that shows the CIS deductions amount and this will also be reflected within the Payroll Summary report which will be shown as payable to HMRC.




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