Agent Setup - Users

Agent Setup - Users


The Users tab allows an Agent to create and manage users within the CRM module, allowing them to have access and conduct any work necessary within the module. 

To add a new user, click on the Add User button. To edit any details of an existing user, click on the Pencil icon to which also allow you to change the password of a particular user if necessary (click on the Change Password button on the page you will get re-directed to, populate the fields and click Save. 





Within the User Login and Role section, create a Username and Password, select which role they will have (i.e. CEO, Marketing Manager, Account Manager etc) and also whether they are an Admin or not (this will determine what kind of access the user will have within the CRM module). Additional information can be entered for a user within other parts of the Users tab (this is optional) as well as being able to upload a photograph of the user. 



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